Vintage Look

   Like I said on my previous post I’m daring myself each week.Today I chose to wear this grey and black skirt with a light blue jeans shirt. I never thought I would wear a skirt in winter, especial it took me years to wear skirts and dresses.  Surprisingly I feel comfortable in them,I will definitely continue my adventure.
    In the past I dressed to please everybody else and cover up myself but now I dress to please myself. Now I feel good when I look myself in a mirror. I have boosted myself esteem not too long ago .Unintentionally I was bullied over my weight and even by my family but now I put all that behind me. Since 2009 I don’t usually dress like this,and with my work I cannot wear what I want.

    This is a new beginning and a new me.  Most of my photos will consist of me playing dress up.when I go shopping I tend to buy whatever calls out to me.

     The skirt caught my attention because of the lace trimming on the bottom and the pleating in the back all that gives it an old vintage look.I matched it with a jean blouse to revive the outfit giving it an old look but with a twist.

     If you guys have suggestions for me to try leave it in the comments, on my social media or you can email me.