I always said no when it comes to the color black. I see color black as a sad color associated with a  funeral.Now days things have changed I see the color black in almost any outfit.

I read an article this week on the internet about the color black Givenchy said " black is always elegant it is the most complete color in the whole world,made of all the colors in palette''. Black can play multiple roles depending on an outfit it can be modest, arrogant, solemn,sexual,mysterious and muted. Whenever I attend an event or a party seventy percent of the people at the party are in black. 

Eventually with time I started to embrace black differently it compliments  everyone regardless of body shape or skin tone.A black dress or outfit is a nude color to me with the aid of the right accessories you can make it pop out.So now whenever I'm having trouble choosing an outfit I know black will have my back.

Stay confident 💕👠💃🏼