Christmas Eve

Christmas eve used to be my favorite time of the year. I loved the coziness and the anticipation that came along with it.Growing up back in Haiti, before my mom passed away we would go downtown couple days before. Walking in downtown was fun all the merchants sitting on the sidewalks selling toys and treats. My mom always got fabrics for custom made dresses to attend church, after church we would go home and open our presents.

On Christmas day we would go visit our neighbors for treats and candies some of them would gives us money. When I was seventeen years old my Christmas eve was spent with my aunt it was unforgettable. We stayed up all night eating,drinking, joking and dancing.
When I immigrated to the United States with my other aunt it wasn't to bad, in 2002 I moved to Canada it was something completely different. I spent a couple of Christmas eves with my sisters-in-laws until things changed between us. Since then I've spent Christmas eve with my kids and husband, In 2015 I spent my Christmas eve in Haiti it brought back many memories

That is when I realize how much I missed my home I've been homesick since. Sitting here in -13 degree writing this post makes me sad. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season with your loved ones.
The skirt from H&M last year's collection  and the top is from Tristan/
Stay confident 💕👠💃🏼

Pictures when I was in Haiti Holiday 2015

My cousin and I 

My little sister , my cousin and I at the beach 🏖 I

The catch of the day 

Dinner time with the family

All together for a picture

My cousin his mom and I

And relaxing time