Jeans,Jeans and more Jeans

I never thought I would wear skinny jeans. Thanks to my husband I now feel confident and sexy every time I wear a pair of skinny jeans. I used to throw on whatever and call it a day.

   People used to make fun of me over my body shape and weight. I was too flat and too skinny for them. Until one day I was going on a date with my boyfriend (husband now). When I stepped out from my bedroom he looked at me and said, “I can’t tell if I’m dating a man or woman, I can’t make the difference.” I asked him why he thought that I dressed like a man. Since then I started to wear jeans a little more fitting to my body until I fell in love with skinny jeans. 
  Looking back there was nothing wrong with my body shape or weight.  Yes, I’m skinny and so what everyone comes in different shapes and sizes that doesn’t mean they’ re not sexy or attractive to others. If you keep focusing on the negative opinions about yourself, you will not love yourself. You need to learn to love yourself and appreciate yourself before others can do the same.