Lady in Red !


Lady in red.

     Who is not familiar with that phrase from the singer Chris De Burgh.
Wearing a red outfit is not my thing,but during the holiday season it can be super sexy for party and put me in the Christmas mood.I get the chance to look like Mrs.Claus.I never thought that I would own anything red in my life.

      Growing up back home in Haiti I overhead my grandma telling my mom that she didn't like the color red.she was almost run over by a bull in the country side. Please don't judge me since then I have hated the color red .when I moved in with my aunt who is in love with the color red she tried really hard to convince me to wear red.I kept on turning her down now seeing myself in this red dress makes me laugh.Anyways now I own a couple of red pieces of clothing  surprisingly last year for my 40th birthday I wore red and I received a red scarf on the same day after all I do not regret buying any of my red items.It fit my skin tone perfectly and makes me feel sexy.Now most of us want to own a bodycon dress but don’t have enough  courage to buy
one for themselves because of their body shape.Not too long ago I was in that same position in mind a bodycon dress will make my butt look too flat or my stomach will stick out.When I see someone else wearing a bodycon dress in real life or on social media.I always tell to myself It will never look that nice on me. I dared myself to try one on my last shopping trip, I guess you can see what happened,I fell in love with it.❤️

Most of us don’t know how to pick clothing that fits us, that is okay. Here is my tricks don’t go shopping alone so you can have a second opinion. What I like the most about the dress I can wear practically anywhere.Some of you may find that I’m over exaggerating. By adding any other pieces will change the feeling of the outfit.You may notice that I don’t wear many accessories I try to keep it simple.
The way the red contrast with black leather gives it a glow. The two black details on the side of the dress makes my figure pop out.I bought the dress from ZARA from a passed collection.
     I hope you have fun on your next shopping trip and don’t forget to share your experiences.
Stay confident 💕👠💃🏼