The coat !

   WOW WOW WOW ! Today I felt like a doll and 17 yeas old again ( I wish loll).I was completely out of it today, usually I know in advance what I want to wear today that wasn't the case . I picked the top from my closet and of course with a pair of black pants.I put them on, while checking myself in the mirror I heard my daughter asking me if I had a black skirt and a long coat. I just told her ," today I'm just an hanger" and laughed.She got up and went to her dad's closet and took out a coat, I couldn't stop laughing. Of course I put it on and we worked with the coat until we found the best way to wear it.All of this was bring back some memories from my modeling experience. As the weather wasn't too bad my daughter decided to shoot outside.
     For this outfit we where just basically playing around with different shapes and lengths.Since everything was black and the coat wasn't black its stood out.The coat really stood out because it was over size piece compered to the shirt and blouse.The top was different because at first glance its looked like a topical black blouse.On a second glance you see a gold detail and a bow.The skirt was simple clean cut  pencil skirt that tied the whole look together.

Nou-chelbè 🌹🌹