Simply me

This is oversize v-neck pink sweater that I'm wearing belongs to my hubby I missed him while he was at work. When I check myself in the mirror 
I saw how the color popped on me so I decided to take a couple of photos and post it. This is a perfect sweater to have for the kind of weather we are having this year in Canada. The sweater has a very light texture and is so comfortable to wear, I like being comfortable in my outfit. I feel revived and even more happy when I dont have to add accessories to my outfit. As you can see I did added a belt to this outfit. Sometimes keeping it the simplest you can, could help you put out your inner beauty. I have noticed that everywhere you look it’s about the latest trend.What about those who can’t keep up with all of this. Just because you are not sophisticated or follow trends doesn’t mean that you can’t be elegant and pretty in your own way.Don’t let your shine fade away. 

Stay confident